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Monday, February 17, 2014


The NORKA (Non-Resident Keralites’ Affairs Department (NORKA) can help to locate the missing Keralites abroad.

Help to Trace the Missing Keralites 
It is found that a large number of Keralites are reported to be missing abroad. The reason for missing may differ from case to case. Some of them may be put to jails for dereliction of proper documents or some offences. Because of the relative's inability to follow through, most of them remain missed invariably. 
As a nodal agency for the cause of NRKs, Norka-Roots cannot sit tight-handed in such a situation. So we would like to join the relative's plight to trace the missed ones abroad using the help of Government and other agencies. 
It is decided that the relatives of near ones should report Norka-Roots the missing of the expatriate as soon as it is confirmed. At the same time, the missing should be reported to the police also. The petitioners should forward the complaints to the Superintendent of Police in the respective districts. The petition to Norka-Roots should contain the FIR number, date, Police Station, Police Circle and District. We shall release the data of the missing person along with a photograph to the public through media once we get the report of confirmation from the District Police Superintendent. 

The complaint form can be downloaded from the Web site of NORKA-


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