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Saturday, January 23, 2010



Hail hail republic
Sovereign socialist
Secular republic
Today I touched real republic
Scorching sun, made be sulky.

I don’t know the meaning
Of the words which I spelt above
I am only taught it by heart
For the day republic is ahead
And march-past is to begin

I am taught that it was a day
Country become sovereign
And the day become remarkable
But today I knew it is a great day
A real red letter day for me

I come out just one decade ago
Running in the age of ten
Wearing white and blue
On that day, dreadful day
Packed in school bus in the mid noon

Thought leisure was it
Free from weary teary classes
But alas we were put on barren land
What the Kochites calls marine drive,
Kakki uncles waiting for us
All of them were wearing caps

Oh it was for a parade,
Real republic parade
Faint down some of us
Teachers run pillar to post
Cops said usual it was
Tug of war with scorching sun
Moving ahead, march-past
Eyes rolled, colours blinked
When I opened eyes again
Mum and dad weeping beside
Nursing aunties smiling me.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

an evictee's cry

I dont want benevolence
Today, the day of issuance
But I dont want any deeds
Nor I want a memoir
of the dreadful day of demolition
of my only homestead
Today a day of hungama
Babus' sponsored Hungama

let the terminals come
ye the containers hail
and I was ready to surrender
but they dont allow me
for bulldozers are ready
and orders already in air

I dont want any sympathy
Nor I want a press report
of the fate of homeless
But I my prayer is definite..

Let this not be like a
Dreamed city of smart
That they called 'smart city'
which is still in papers
But the homesteads were crumbled

Hail Hail Ship Terminal
Vallarpadom Ship Terminal
Damn the memoirs of childhood
Damn the memoirs of homestead
lovely sweety homely home
Which gave me light and warm
which gave me bread and butter

But one this is sure..
I dont want to stand in the way
let the development come
let the investment come
I dont stand in the way.....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My name is ESMA

Do u know me?
U can call me ESMA
law books call me a law
Essential Service Maintenance Act.....
Pvt bus operators in Kerala call me
Easy and silence maintenance act
And Govt kerala call me
Every Service Malpractice Act .....
Herald Pvt bus strike
Herald bus owners
Herald Govt
Damn public ...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bus strike in kerala…. sweet and sour (partII)

Bus strike in kerala…. sweet and sour (partII)

Traffic snarls and bottle necks
Not novel news at all
Speedy crazy red killers
Went on with their killing spree
Ready to forgive even then..
office boss waiting them
Pending dues smiling them
They are called Kochites.

One day came the news of strike
New Year news of fare hike hit
One or two day holiday
No boss no files...ha ha ha
When it becomes indefinite
Boss and bureau alive again.. oh oh oh.

Parallel service started harvest
Teary pushy dreadful journey
Special 'hands' ready for ladies
Purses become penniless
Where is Govt.. where is order?
A/c low floor.. where is Volvo?
Hike in fare, not a dilemma
Hue and cry for red killers

Bus strike in kerala…. sweet and sour (part I)

New Year.. new hopes
But classes are threadbare
Teachers are not new
books are also pinched ones
Then comes the New Year news..
Buses are on strike..
Strike is of indefinite..
Schools are closed,
Colleges closed,
TV channels still alive
Mr Student felt happy..
A ha this is hangama
Real New Year hangama.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Deal or no deal...

Dear or not dear,
Deaf or blind,
Singer or dancer,
Real or unreal,
But show is real
The reality show.

If viewers throngs
And Banker is ready
SMS galore,
Who will lose who will gain?
Sheer game of
Wager and luck.

Mint for money
Makes one lazy
Earn and earn
Without any labour
Deal is for cell phone cos
Loss is for common run
That we call deal or no deal!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


To strengthen the reporting mechanism of violations of smoke free rules and to encourage non-smokers and public at large to report violations under the Revised Smoke-Free Rules, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched National Toll Free Help line No. 1800-110-456 (24x7) which is now operative throughout the country. All the violations on smoke free rules may be reported on this number, which is accessible from any place in the country. There is provision to make complaints vide this help line and information is also provided about the provisions under the rules e.g. what all places come under the definition of ‘public place’, what is open space, where smoking is not prohibited, what is the amount of fine, where to report violations etc.


Miles to go before I stop
Pot holes to cover before I relax
Gutters to shake before I reach
Tolls to pay before the bridge
Breaks to apply on bottle necks
Fuel to fill on traffic jams
And this is the latest road which I went.

Rest In Peace for Men...Rest In Pegs for Animals

Ours is the biggest democracy…
By the People
Of the People
For the People
Human Rights galore
H R Organizations aplenty
Still violations in abundance
Even men are not spared
Then how the fate of animals
RIP for men in cemetery
RIP for these animals in butcher’s Peg
Our law ensures the life of animals
Protects them against cruelty..
But if men are not spared, how will the animals
Even their last journey is dreadful
Packed in trailers or even in small rikshaws
Rest In Peace..Rest In Peg.. RIP..RIP..