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Friday, February 19, 2010

Beware of toxic waste dumped in Maradu. ( see the waste being dumped near (southern side) Hotel Wyte fort - in Bund Ayini nada road. Similar incidents reported near Vikas Nagar in Maradu. If you find any such matters, pls inform the office bearers of MVV and send photos of the same.

ബണ്ട് അയിനി നട റോഡില്‍  തള്ളിയിരിക്കുന്ന മാലിന്യം. 

Registration of Marriages in Panchayath / Municipal Offices in Kerala - THE KERALA REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGES (COMMON) RULES, 2008- Model Form

Duties and Responsibilities of GRAMASABHA under Kerala Panchyath Raj Act.

Police vehicle checking - Police should come to the driver and check - not the driver to go after the police- circular by DGP

JAGRATHA SAMITHI to be constituted in all Girls Schools.. To prevent harassment in buses, by using mobile phones,eve teasing and all other harassments

The Director General of Police issued a circular to constitute JAGRATHA SAMITHI in all Girls School to protect and act against the harassment of girls.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

vehicle checking by Kerala Police

Directions from DGP, Kerala- February 16, 2010.

No one should be chased and caught for helmet checking.
Places and spots where helmet checking drive will be conducted should be made public.
The Commissioners and SPs have to identify the places of checking and announce

Maximum Fine (Tariff) to be charged by Police.

Rash and Negligent driving – Rs 1000/- (Mobile phone driving)
Driving without license – Rs 500/-
Over speed – Rs 400/-
Driving license not in possession, R C book not in possession, not dimming light, driving without helmet, riding bike with 3 persons, overtaking by left side, driving without seat belt, violation of one way – Rs 100/-

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CRZ citadel

Me a Keralite
Me a Kochite
Thanks for not being a coastalite
But hard to watch their plight
for they are coastalites
Ocean, River, Estoon, Lagoon
Not a matter of doubt
it should be protected, die hard
they are not against their 'kadalamma'
but there must be a roof
there must be a cot
bcs they are also humans..

And they inherited it
some purchased it
its like a collection of widows coin
but no use no hut no shed
it cannot be there
because the democlis sword
that we called CRZ

thodu is there
small canal is there
river is there
near by their plot
so cannot they be
have a house of their own
ye law need to be changed
CRZ regulations to be changed

Not a marine island Kerala
it is for Marine islands hard core
Not for the poor coastalites
you need not feed them
you need not pay them
but let them live
on their own plots
hard earned plots
lets not stand in the way
let their homes get legal
let their roof in peace..

If You have time,
time for time
step in and help the coastalites
CRZ public opinion/consultation
Meeting at Kaloor Reneval Centre
on 8th Feb,2010.