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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kerala Government Order- LATIN CATHOLIC COMMUNITY CERTIFICATE- The letters issued by concerned Bishops - validity.

Resultant to the protest from a section of community, the Kerala Government clarified its earlier G.O. and issued a new one, giving authenticity to the letters issued by Bishops in connection with the enquiry conducted by Villager Officers.

Full text of the G.O. CLICK THE LINK BELOW.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Labour law - Minimum Wages in Kerala- 2011

Minimum Wages in Kerala- 2011

Sr. No.Scheduled EmploymentCategory of WorkersMinimum WagesV.D.ATotal WagesNotification Date
1Agricultural Operationfor Light Work150No Provision15010th Aug 2009
for Hard Work200200
2Ayurvedic and Allopathic MedicinesUnskilled96.2349.52145.75 
Highly skilled10749.52156.52 
3Arecanut Tree ClimbingPiece rate wages exists (for Plucking Per Bunch of Nuts)30310th Aug 2009
Piece rate wages exists (for Spraying Per Tree)1.7501.75
4Beedi and Cigar IndustryGrade (1)93.6547.93141.58 
Grade (2)85.1947.93133.12 
Grade (2)(A)87.347.93135.23 
Grade (3)80.9647.93128.89 
5Block Rubber FactoriesUnskilled13521.32156.3228th Dec 2009
6Brick ManufacturiesUnskilled85.2114.76199.96 
7Cashew IndustryLowest Rate18018.36198.361st Feb 2011
Highest Rate25018.36268.36
8Cashew PlantationClear felling,150015010th Aug 2009
Collectors of rawnut   
(a) Collecting nut from trees (Per Kg)5.605.6
(b) Collecting nuts from the ground (Per Kg)2.802.8
9Coconut Tree ClimbingPiece rate wages exists (Per Tree)40410th Aug 2009
10Construction, maintenance of roads,building operationsUnskilled112.4667.39179.85 
11Coir ManufacturingPiece rate wages exists 
12Cinema TheatresUnskilled97.141.17138.27 
Highly skilled111.141.17152.27 
13Dairy FarmingCategory D184.6921.32206.0110th Aug 2009
Category C189.4221.32210.74
Category B194.7721.32216.09
Category A214.3121.32235.63
Milking (twice daily)21021.32231.32
Milking (twice along with other works in Dairy)25021.32271.32
Seed Bull attending25021.32271.32
OtherGeneral Works19521.32216.32
14Drying of Coconuts for making Copra 40.65104.47145.12 
15Fish Peeling and Fish Canning, Freezing and Exporting of Sea Foods.Processing workers13821.32159.3215th Mar 2010
Loading and Unloading from trawlers14021.32161.32
Highly skilled18159.39240.39 
17Handloom IndustryUnskilled11821.32139.3211th Dec 2009
Highly skilled13721.32158.32
18Handling and Care of ElephantsLowest Rate146.7321.32168.059th June 2009
Highest Rate153.8621.32175.18
19Hill Product IndustryLowest Rate12849.53177.53 
Highest Rate13049.53179.53 
20HostelsGroup I127.3521.32148.6715th Dec 2009
Group II124.8821.32146.2
Group III122.521.32143.82
Group IV119.2721.32140.59
Group V117.6521.32138.97
21Hosiery ManufacturingUnskilled6573.71138.71 
Highly skilled164.373.71238.01 
22Ice FactoryUnskilled72.9668.04141 
Highly skilled75.3168.04143.35 
23Light Motor VehiclesLowest Rate14875.27223.27 
Highest Rate17475.27249.27 
24Liquor Trading & VendingUnskilled90.6980.18170.87 
Highly skilled103.1580.18183.33 
25L.P.Gas (Cooking Gas) AgenciesManager132.2122.10154.3127th May 2009
Assistant Manager127.4022.10149.50
Accountant/ Cashier/ Clerk/ Typist/ Stenographer/ Computer operator/ Mechanic/ Driver (Heavy duty)122.6022.10144.70
Driver (Light duty)/ Delivery Boy/ Godown Keeper121.1522.10143.25
Attender/ Watchman/ peon/ Godown Assistant/ Sweeper119.2351.34183.55
26Match IndustryUnskilled59.3154.76114.07 
Highly skilled66.754.76121.46 
27Minor PortsLowest Rate7566.01141.01 
Highest Rate13966.01205.01 
28Minor EngineeringUnskilled13821.32159.3216th Dec 2009
Skilled Gr.315421.32175.32
Skilled Gr.215821.32179.32
Skilled Gr.116421.32185.32
Highly skilled16621.32187.32
29NurseriesUnskilled15521.32176.3210th Aug 2009
Clerk, Typist,12521.32146.32
30Oil MillUnskilled12349.53172.53 
31Oil Palm PlantationGeneral Category10855.76163.76 
32Plantation i.e. any estate Which is maintained for the purpose of growing Rubber, Coffee & Tea.Rubber Plantation12th June 2009
Field Workers87.0175.01162.02
Factory Workers90.3375.01165.34
Creche Attendants98.1986.55184.74
Special Category100.6986.55187.24
Coffee Plantation
Field Workers49.0275.01124.03
Factory Workers51.4275.01126.43
Creche Attendants55.9286.55142.47
Special Category57.4686.55144.01
Tea Plantation
Field Workers49.0275.01124.03
Creche Attendants55.9286.55142.47
Special Category57.4686.55144.01
33Plywood IndustryUnskilled11182.52193.52 
Highly skilled12282.52204.52 
34Power loom Industry excluding the workers employed in power loom section of Cotton Textile Mills in the StateUnskilled71.859.39131.19 
35Pharmacists in Medical ShopHighly skilled86.5486.99173.53 
36Printing PressUnskilled79.250.59129.79 
37Private Hospitals Dispensaries Pharmacies Clinical Laboratories, Scanning Center, X - Ray Unit and other allied InstitutionLowest Rate30.19121.33151.5216th Dec 2009
Highest Rate66.34121.33187.67
38Rice Mill, Flour Mill & Dhal MillUnskilled18122.1203.124th Feb 2010
39River Sand Collection and its loading and unloadingLoading & Unloading25051.39301.39 
North Zone25051.39301.39 
South Zone30051.39351.39 
40Rubber Crepe MillsCategory 113921.32160.329th Oct 2009
Category 213421.32155.32
Category 313021.32151.32
41Rubber Products IndustryUnskilled8567.39152.39 
Highly skilled96.2567.39163.64 
42Shops & Establishments (including Hotels and Restaurants)Grade E143.3524.9168.2523rd July 2009
Grade D146.1524.9171.05
Grade C149.1224.9174.02
Grade B152.0824.9176.98
Grade A157.8524.9182.75
Special Grade161.6924.9186.59
43Stone Breaking and Stone CrushingUnskilled112.4667.39179.85 
44Tile IndustryUnskilled120.231.72151.92 
Highly skilled122.331.72154.02 
45Timber Industry and Plywood IndustryUnskilled11149.36160.36 
Highly skilled12249.36171.36 
46Toddy TappingGrade I121.732.00123.7330th Mar 2010
Grade II116.852.00118.85
Grade III111.922.00113.92
Grade IV107.042.00109.04
47Units engaged in manufacturing & sale of umbrellasPiece rate wages exists 
48Sales Promition of PharmaceuticalsSales Promotion Employees27321.32294.3227th May 2009
49Manufacture and sale of UmbrellasPiece rate wages exists30th Jan 2010
50Gold and Silver Ornament s manufacturingUnskilled17521.32196.327th Oct 2009
Highly skilled25021.32271.32
51Sweeping and CleaningWorking in the Municipalities/corporation areas15021.32171.3219th April 2010
Other areas13521.32156.32
52Domestic WorkersHousehold Workers13021.32151.32
Care Takers(Childrens/ Elders)13401349th Mar 2010
Other household Workers1300130
Maid/ Driver/ Gardener/ Home Nurse(Part Time)1460146
Home Nurse (Full time)1500150
Security/ Watch man/ Garden Workers1420142

Piece Rate category
 (i) Yarn Spinning
KhadiCategory of ThreadMinimum WagesV.D.ATotal WagesNotification Date
33 s medium99.8421.5121.348th Jan 2010
50 s medium100.0521.5121.55
70 s medium100.121.5121.6
100 s medium10021.5121.5
150 s medium101.8821.5123.38
200 s medium10021.5121.5
50 s polyster10021.5121.5
70 s polyster99.8421.5121.34
90 s polyster99.8421.5121.34
100/2 s twist100.0821.5121.58
150/2 s twist10021.5121.5
70/2 s twist10021.5121.5
50/2 s twist99.9921.5121.49
33/2 s twist99.9921.5121.49
50/2 s twist99.9621.5121.46
70/2 s twist105.9621.5127.46
90/2 s twist99.9921.5121.49
(ii) Small Spindle
From 33 s to 50 s10021.5121.5
From 70 s to 100 s100.121.5121.6
From  150 s to 200 s100.221.5121.7
(iii) Large Spindle
From 33 s to 50 s100.121.5121.6
From 70 s to 100 s100.221.5121.7
From  150 s to 200 s10021.5121.5
(iv) Wraping of thread
From 33 s to 50 s12521.5146.5
From 90 s to 100 s12621.5147.5
From 150 s to 200 s124.221.5145.7
(v) Thread of Screw
Every strand of a thread15021.5171.5
(vi) Block Printing / Inserting the weft
Every strand of a thread15021.5171.5
(vii) Weaving ( Category : Cotton)
1360 x 130 x 1.80 S.B. Dhoti120.1221.5141.62
1320 x 127 x 1.80 Ponnukkara Dhoti120.1221.5141.62
1320 x 127 x 1.80 Ponnukkara color Dothi125.1621.5146.66
1320 x 127 x 1.80 colour Dhoti125.1621.5146.66
1320 x 127 x 1.80 Pettu Dhoti Kora12021.5141.5
1320 x 127 x 1.80 Pettu Half colour Dothi12021.5141.5
1320 x 127 x 1.80 color Dhoti Pettu12521.5146.5
1320 x 127 x 1.80 S.B.color Dhoti125.1621.5146.66
1320 x 127 x 1.80 puliyilakara choodi120.1221.5141.62
1320 x 127 x Kora piece120.0521.5141.55
1320 x 127 (42 x42) towel120.1221.5141.62
940 x 70 x 1.40 Thorthu12021.5141.5
660 x 70 x 1.40 Pettu Kuppadam124.9821.5146.48
661 x 70 x 1.40 Kottadi Thorthu120.0521.5141.55
1200 x 115 S.T.D. Manila Shirting12021.5141.5
1320 x 127 T12021.5141.5
1320 x 127 T.T. Manila Shirting120.0521.5141.55
1020 x 130 T.D12021.5141.5
1260 x 165 T.T. Manila120.0521.5141.55
1260 x 160 Bed Sheet124.9521.5146.45
740 x 70 Recolour Shall120.0521.5141.55
1560 x 115 plane piece S.T.12021.5141.5
1640 x 127 Kuppadam (Pettu)124.9821.5146.48
1800 x 70 Cotton Plain S.T.12521.5146.50
1200 x 115 Kora12021.5141.50
Combined production by two people & MW for two people)
1320 x 130 x 1.80 Kora Kuppadam Dhoti27021.5291.5
1320 x 127 x 1.80 half Colour Kuppadam Dhoti27021.5291.5
1320 x 127 x 1.80 Kuppadam Colour Dhoti280.0821.5301.58
1540 x 127 1.80 Kuppadam Kora279.9921.5301.49
660 x 70 x 1.40 Kuppadam Colour Shall26021.5281.5
940 x 70 Kuppadam Shall27021.5291.5
(viii) Weaving (Category : Muslin)
3000 x 120 Plain S.T.14021.5161.5
2800 x 130 Plain S.T.140.0321.5161.53
2600 x 130 Plain13521.5156.5
2400 x 130 Plain piece130.0821.5151.58
2200 x 127 x 3.60 Puliyila B.B. Dhoti130.0521.5151.55
1600 x 115 Muslin Twist 125.121.5146.6
1500 x 115 Muslin Twist Check Shirting13021.5151.5
1500 x 115 Muslin Twist plain  piece124.9821.5146.48
2200 x 127 Plain S.T.130.0321.5151.525
Combined production by two people & MW for two people)
2200 x 127 x 3.60 Kuppadam Double Dhoti279.9921.5301.49
2100 x 115 x 5.50 Special Border Kuppadam Saree279.9921.5301.49
(ix) Weaving (Category : Polyester)
1600 x 115 S.T.T.D. Colour Shirting12521.5146.5
1600 x 115 H.C. Shirting12521.5146.5
1500 x 115 x 300 Graph S.T. Piece Shirting12521.5146.5
1500 x 115 x 800 Doria S.T. Piece Shirting12521.5146.5
1600 x 115 S.T. Plain piece12521.5146.5
1800 x 127 Plain piece12521.5146.5
Combined production by two people & MW for two people)
1640 x 127 x 1.80 Kuppadam Dhoti280.0521.5301.55
1640 x 127 x 1.80 Kuppadam petta Dothi249.9621.5271.464
(x) Weaving ( Category : Silks)
2400 x 15 Silk Saree20021.5221.5
2400 x 115 Design Saree22521.5246.5
(xi) Silk Spinning (Winding)
Silk bobin winding17621.5197.5
Silk Pearl winding17521.5196.5
Wrapping of silk thread180.5021.5202
(xii)Colouring /Bleaching
Deep colour25521.5276.5
Deep colour black30021.5321.5
(xiii) Drying of thread10021.5121.5
(xiv) Separating/ Sizing10021.5121.5
(xv)Applying starch/ Drying 10021.5121.5
Daily Rated Workers
KhadiCategory of WorkersMinimum WagesV.D.ATotal Wages
Helper (Carpenter/ Welder)15021.5171.5
General Worker11521.5136.5

Source: Labour Department, Government of Kerala