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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Police circular to cancel license on drunken driving.

CIRCULAR NO. 05/2012

Sub:-  Prevention of Traffic Accidents – Detection of Drunken driving – Reg.
 Ref :-  PHQ Circular 44/2009 dated 22/10/2009.
It is of grave concern that deaths in road traffic accidents have increased
considerably during 2011 compared to previous years. It is noticed that a large
number of accidents are caused by drunken  driving. The following instructions are
issued for more effective police action in case of drunken driving:-
02. In case of an accident, the officer who reaches the scene, whether he is from
the Control Room or the Highway Patrol or the local police, should immediately
subject the driver or drivers involved in the accident to drunkenness test using
Alcometer. Passive testing can be done to know whether alcohol presence can be
reasonably suspected. If found positive, then the Alcometer can be used for active
test to find out the percentage of alcohol present. If test is positive, then the officer
who does the test shall give a report in writing to the Investigating Officer of the
case. The I.O. shall immediately send a report to the RTO to suspend the driving
license of the driver in addition to prosecution for drunken driving.
03. In respect of all drivers of heavy or medium vehicles who are found to have
driven in a drunken condition, whether involved in accident or not, a report shall be
sent I addition to Prosecution for drunken driving, to the RTO to suspend the driving
license as per provisions of MV Act.
04. Inspector General of Police (Traffic &  Road Safety Management) will do a
monthly review of all cases where accidents are caused due to drunken driving and
also of those instances where reports are sent up against heavy vehicle drivers for
suspension of driving licenses.
 All Officers in list 'B'
Copy to : All CAs in PHQ/All Section Heads in PHQ
     "      : Manager, AO, SFO, Circular Book & SF

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