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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Can a Gift deed cancelled by the donor? If mutation is effected ?

The human mind is always unpredictable and if a deed of gift, registered in favour of the donee; until and unless mutation is effected and possession is given, the donee would always be reckless if he know the law on the subject.
There occurred several issues, which resulted in the cancellation of the already registered gift deeds.
Theoretically, it is a unilateral transaction and the donor is entitled to cancel the gift deed.
But if the mutation is effected, it cannot be cancelled without the participation of the donee. (2012 KHC 2999); (2012 KHC 2886).


  1. Could you provide citations or headnotes of 2012 KHC 2999 2012 KHC 2886 ?

  2. Could you please upload the judgement AIR 2012 AP 190 ? did a google search but couln't find it