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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tree cutting ..from public places.. committee to be constituted and permission is needed. Regulations..kerala government circular


  1. Dear Mr Sherry
    pls advise whom i have to complaint on my below case
    V.T. Jose

    Respected Sir,

    SUB : Forgery and cheating of my land while I am working abroad by brother Mr Mathew Thomas and survey staff .

    While I am working abroad my land with clear boundary, sketch and documents is made with fake, false and fabricated land revenue records, sketch , survey report , area and even done inside my land a NEW SUBDIVISION WITH BENAMI NAME. My Brother Mr Mathew Thomas ( Vettathu House , Arakulam -685591 ) done this through an appeal land complaint (ALC) application by hiding registered sales deed/ possession documents. He used corrupt survey staff, who in turn followed illegal procedures and fabricated records for him . The above way REMOVED 14.1 CENTS of land ( PWD road side -market value 30 lakhs) for which tax are paid from 1999 in my name. The forgery and cheating got revealed in November 2010. Based on my complaint, the Additional Thahasildar, Thodupuzha made correction after passing through a long process including survey of all subdivisions ( Exhibit 1) . The forgery is exposed and known to all .

    Now Mr Mathew , the applicant for ALC subdivision ( ALC-157/03) is DENYING himself made any ALC application . This denial is done before the DD survey,Idukki and Additional Thahasildar, Thodupuzha through signed mozhy taken on 7/2/2011 and 30/12/2010 respectively.

    The file no ALC 157/03 with Asst. Director –resurvey office , Thodupuzha is with the originals of Mathews ALC application and the records . Also the file has the legal notice sent in Mathew address which he signed as received and sent back, Mathews sworn deposition , the forged LR record made by surveyor Mr.Adarsh in benami name, fake sketch of surveyor, report and the approval of survey superintendant. The approval is issued by resurvey superintendant blindly for 330/4 subdivision in benami name without having any ownership details, wrong area posted, without informing the owner, without informing neighbors and without an application.. Such a subdivision is illegal completely against the survey manual .

    In addition to making fake sketch Mr Mathew Thomas took possession, entered in agreements as owner of land in benami name and received benefits. He claimed back the ownership of the sold land using the fake sketch of 2005 during survey of my land in 2006 and before additional Thahasildar.

    I want Mr Mathew and all others involved to be arrested, remanded and detailed investigation carried out . They are to be punished for

    Thanking you

    Yours sincerely


  2. Either you can file before the local police station or in the concerned judicial magistrate Court. Better to prefer complaint to the Magistrate under the provisions of section 190, 200 of Crpc. You can file complaint for the offences of cheating, forgery etc.