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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The relevant rules of Central Board of Secondary Education says, the correction in the school records are to be routed through the school and the same cannot be done after two years from the leaving the school.
There are several cases in which all the other records give conclusive proof of the correct date, but the wrong entry need to be changed. But usually, students/people came to know about the wrong entry on a later stage on thorough perusal of record for some other purposes. Then correction is the only way out. How it is possible when there is a specific bar in the Rules? The Supreme Court also opined that, the said time limit of two years is mandatory and not directory.
The Division Bench of Kerala High Court in 2009, held that, in matters where the correction is applied, it need to be considered sympathetically, if it is not for any service benefit. The CBSE also constituted a committee in the light of this Judgment and the committee recommended to correct the date of birth even after two years.

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