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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to behave - traffic police - while vehicle checking- kerala police circular to police officers

The Kerala police Director General had already issued a circular in the year 2009, regarding the behavior of police officers while vehicle checking, as part of traffic violations. Most of the general public are not familiar with the exact circular.. full text.

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  1. Very informative one.Practically these cannot be seen from KL police.i have a query regarding Motor Vehicle act dated around 90's. dont know exact year. still we are following same thing ,am i right.One of my friend got fine for over speed say 70km speed b/n alp-changanassery rd.what basis they are charging.This act is developed when there was only two vehicle say Ambasedor and premier.80/90km is ok at that time.Now can you imagine latest cars can be driven with less than 70km.