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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The industrial unit near your residence is causing trouble to you.. Remedies

Obviously, the number of industries around us are increasing. Sometimes it may cause disturbance to you and your dear ones. What law can do? What are your legal rights?

The provisions under section 440 of Kerala Municipality Act, Section 233A of Kerala Panchayath Raj Act, Section 133 of Code of Criminal Procedure Code are the legal remedies available for preventing nuisance.
Petition can be lodged to concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate (RDO) against nuisance or imminent danger or annoyance. The RDO may pass any conditional order to abate the nuisance.
Petition can also file before the Secretary of the local body for abatement of nuisance. 
If there are issues of pollution under Environmental Protection Act, petitions can be lodged before the Pollution Control Boards to cancel the consent or not to renew the consent given to the industry.

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